Principles of Computer Programming

Welcome to COP 1000:
Principles of Computer Programming with Visual Basic 2012, 2013, or 2015.

Instructor:  Mr. Taylor

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Students Past and Present,

If you're not watching 60 Minutes every Sunday night you're missing three of the most valuable articles related to technology today.  60 Minutes' stories include technology, sports, politics, science, and a host of other topics but each contains a tie to computer technology and especially programming.  You might have to look for it but it's there in every story.  If you can glean and act on an idea such as M Pesa you can become hugely successful.  If nothing else you may find a programming area or career field where you would like to specialize such as digital money, computer controlled cars, hi-tech weaponry, robots, national defense, huge data, medicine, crime detection, or finance.